Here at Dixie Painting, it’s our job to make sure we provide the best service from start to finish when painting the interior of your home. To begin we help you pick paint options which could already have a primer added to the paint itself but sometimes we do have situations where we need to do the primer separately to achieve the most professional look possible.

Now To get the best results when painting rooms in your house the preparation is one of the most important parts. First, we make sure all the walls are clean, next we make sure all the holes in the walls are fixed and sanded down. After we are done with all of the preparation work we will start taping the edges and make sure we protect your floors and ceilings from any overspray when we are painting the interior of your home. Once our crew is done with all the prep work we are ready to start painting the interior of your home.

So if you are thinking of updating a room or two that have been neglected or thinking of painting the whole interior of your home because you are getting ready to sell and want to add more value to your home give Dixie Painting a call. We have been serving Saint George and surrounding areas for over 10 years and take pride in our work and make sure our customers are happy with the service we provide.